eccommerce paper ebay

eccommerce paper ebay - IT-350Electronic Commerce Mid Term

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Unformatted text preview: IT-350Electronic Commerce Mid Term projecteBayPresented to:Mr. Randy Neville 10-5-2005I spent a lot of time thinking about what internet business would be interesting for this paper, I considered all kind of e-commerce business from online dating businesses until online dollar stores until I came across an article from April 22, 2004 by Rick Aristotle Munarriz in the weekly emails I receive from Motley Fool. I know that we are suppose to look for articles online at the Barry University Library but this one seemed too interesting to let it pass by.The article is called Marry Me, Meg! It just seemed kind of weird to find such a title in a financial magazine. When I read the article and found out that Meg is only the actual CEO Meg Whitman, and that the article is about eBay it started making more sense. Munarriz is talking about riveting March-quarter financials eBay had. Earnings nearly doubling to $0.30 a share, and revenues climbing 59%, this article is clearly showing that the eBay community is becoming even more active and that the average member is generating more in profits and revenues 45% up tick in active users and a 49% spurt in listings. I think this article shows eBay as been this huge money making machine that is just waiting for somebody to turn it on and grab all the profits. Youre looking to earn as much as $1.06 a share this year on net revenues of $3.15 billion that is big for what we know as a virtual flea market or just a big garage sale. Anybody who would read this article would bang his or her head on the wall for not having an eBay portfolio. What used to be a simple idea, very daring but not taken very seriously in the beginning, turned out to be one of the pillars of todays economy. Who would have known? And those who didnt must be regretting it like taking their last breath.I thought it was going to be a challenge finding an article that disagrees with...
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eccommerce paper ebay - IT-350Electronic Commerce Mid Term

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