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COMP 5920 Chapter 1 “Royal Caribbean International” 1. Why did the IT group at royal Caribbean have such poor performance? The company’s IT work was diverse and employees were multicultural and from more than 40 countries, which caused hatred and racism. IT group was made up of factions that created diversity between employees. Rumors either true or false such as “Cuban and African American controlled the data center and the networking group” are a main factor of poor performance. All these factors combined together are a cause of: Lack of communication Loss of respect Loss of integrity Building obstacles between groups 2. What are the top three factors in Murphy’s turnaround of the IT function? Respect and Integrity: To Murphy, integrity establishes the foundation of everything. Respect was a major factor to turnaround the IT department. It made the IT department proud of itself and gave them confidence in their work and therefore strengthen the relationship between IT and business departments in order for the company to succeed. Communication: Communication has to be one of the top factors to turnaround the IT department or maybe any department. If we were able to list tens of factors, without communication it will be very hard to achieve most of them if not all. In this specific case, communication prevented silos between departments and also inside each department. Silo-busting: Murphy focused on breaking the silo between teams and individuals which has many benefits such as the following: Creativity Diversity Faster time to market Customer focus Complex problem solving Organizational learning 3. Visit and evaluate www.royalcaribbean.com From the Website name and its contents, it is easy for visitors to tell it’s notice the site’s purpose. You can search for a cruise based on your criteria such as the type of cruise, name of the cruise and etc. It is a well-designed Website for individuals or groups to decide how and where they might want to spend their vacation. Chapter 2 1
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COMP 5920 “WESCO International Inc,” 1. What are the business benefits to WESCO and its suppliers of e-procurement? Connect its customer ordering system and inventory systems to the inventory systems of its major suppliers. It takes about 30 seconds for the salespeople to send a query over the Web and receive and answer instead of having to call back the customer. Increasing the sales for non-stocked items. Cut phone costs by reducing the duration of each call by at least six minutes. Result in a major positive impact on customer perceptions of WESCO and future sales results, and strengthen the ties between WESCO and its suppliers. 2. Is WESCO new system a strategic use of IT? Why or why not? Does it give the
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MidTerm5920 - COMP 5920 Chapter 1 Royal Caribbean...

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