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SYLLABUSES FOR THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF ECONOMICS These syllabuses apply to students admitted in the academic year 2010-2011 and thereafter. 1. Candidates must enroll and attempt examination in not fewer than 180 credits of courses in accordance with the regulations and the syllabuses. In addition, the 180 credits of courses should be completed in the following manner: UG 5 requirements [21 credits] Language* 9 credits HKU Common Core Curriculum* 12 credits Major in Economics [84 credits] - First year Core courses 24 credits - Second year Core courses 18 credits - Second/third year disciplinary electives 42 credits Free Electives [75 credits] 75 credits Total credits for degree programme 180 credits 2. To fulfill the graduation requirement of this degree as specified by the Board of the Faculty of Business and Economics in accordance with UG 5 of the Regulations for First Degree Curricula, candidates must satisfactorily complete the credits of courses identified by an asterisk(*). Those courses include the following areas of study: English language enhancement (6 credits), Chinese language enhancement (3 credits) and Common Core Curriculum courses (12 credits). 3. The Common Core Curriculum courses are categorized under four Areas of Inquiry (AoI): Scientific and Technological Literacy, Humanities, Global Issues, and China: Culture, State and Society. Candidates must complete a total of 12 credits, selecting no more than 6 credits from each Area of Inquiry. 4. The courses listed in the syllabus will not necessarily be offered every year; from time to time, depending on the exigencies of staffing, additional courses may be offered. The School of Economics and Finance will only offer electives for which sufficient student demand has been expressed in any one year. 5.
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This note was uploaded on 06/09/2011 for the course ECON econ 1001 taught by Professor Wong during the Fall '09 term at HKU.

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