bsocsc_syllabuses_2010-2011 - 1 THE UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 THE UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG FACULTY OF SOCIAL SCIENCES Bachelor of Social Sciences Regulations and Syllabuses 2010-2011 REGULATIONS FOR THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF SOCIAL SCIENCES (BSocSc) These regulations apply to students admitted to the BSocSc curriculum in the academic year 2010-2011 and thereafter. (See also General Regulations and Regulations for First Degree Curricula) Definitions SS1 (1) In these Regulations, and in the Syllabuses for the degree of BSocSc, unless the context otherwise requires - ‘Core departments’ means the Departments of Geography, Politics and Public Administration, Psychology, Social Work and Social Administration, and Sociology. ‘Course’ means a course of study, with a credit value expressed as a number of credit-units as specified in the syllabus. ‘Credits’ means the value assigned to each course to indicate its study load relative to the total study load under a degree curriculum. The study load refers to the hours of student learning activities and experiences, both within and outside the classrooms, and includes contact hours and time spent on assessment tasks and examinations. ‘Pre-requisite’ means a course or a group of courses which candidates must have completed successfully or a requirement which candidates must have fulfilled before being permitted to take the course in question. Admission to the degree SS2 To be eligible for admission to the degree of Bachelor of Social Sciences, candidates shall (a) comply with the General Regulations; (b) comply with the Regulations for First Degree Curricula; and (c) complete the curriculum in accordance with the regulations that follow. Period of study SS3 The curriculum shall normally require six semesters of full-time study, extending over not fewer than three academic years, and shall include any assessment to be held during and/or at the end of each semester. Candiates shall not in any case be permitted to extend their studies beyond the maximum period of registration of five academic years. Completion of the curriculum SS4 (a) Candidates shall satisfy the requirements prescribed in UG 5 of the Regulations for First Degree Curricula (2) . (1) This regulation should be read in conjunction with UG1 of the Regulations for First Degree Curricula. (2) The specific requirements applicable to candidates of this degree curriculum are spelt out in the syllabuses. 2 (b) Candidates shall complete not fewer than 180 and not more than 216 credits of courses, unless otherwise required or permitted under the Regulations. (c) Candidates shall normally be required to take not fewer than 24 credits nor more than 30 credits in any one semester (except the summer semester) unless otherwise permitted or required by the Board of the Faculty, or except in the final semester of study when the number of outstanding credits required to complete the curriculum requirements may be fewer than 24 credits....
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bsocsc_syllabuses_2010-2011 - 1 THE UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG...

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