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Extra Junior Courses

Extra Junior Courses - Syllabuses The extra credits from...

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To: Faculty of Business and Economics The University of Hong Kong Rm 733 Meng Wah Complex Dear Sir/Madam, Application for Taking Extra Year One Level Courses I would like to apply for taking more than 78 credits of year one level courses in the curriculum. I am enrolling in a total of credits of year one level courses. I understand that the application will be considered given that I have fulfilled all the minimum requirements of the curriculum as stated in the Regulations and
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Unformatted text preview: Syllabuses. The extra credits from the year one level courses shall be counted on top of the 180 credits required for graduation, thus I may run the risk of not performing satisfactorily in the courses that I am going to enroll in. I will take responsibility for any consequences incurred and shall not hold the Faculty or the instructors concerned responsible. _______________________ (Signature) Full Name: U. No.: Curr. & Yr.: Phone No.: Date:...
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