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CAES19041 - to spread(info/ideas propagate to assert to...

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Section, sector, session, part, segment Abate, allay, alleviate, ameliorate, concentric 同心的 Transact 处理 办理事务 Pragmatic 务实的 Premise 前提 假定 *bore v.开凿 钻 Repudiate 断绝关系 Precipitate 加速发展 Postulate 假定 假设 Allude 提及 暗指 Reverberate 回响 回荡 Fraction 一小部分 片断 Faction 派系 派别 Dissipate 消散 分散 Unduly 不当的 过分过度的 Construe 解释 理解 Deflect 偏离轨道 scope [U] ~ (for sth/to do sth) opportunity to do or achieve sth (做某事物的)机会 , 余地 : a job with (a lot of) scope for self-fulfilment 有机会(充分)发挥自己的能力的工作 * a house with some scope for improvement 尚可改进的房子 . purport 伪称 As cribe 归功于 Aus pices 在某物支持下 spin the information to their advantage a position exactly suitable for the person occupying it: niche a natural tendency: propensity to rule; to be supreme: reign
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Unformatted text preview: to spread (info/ideas): propagate to assert; to argue earnestly: contend "relevant , directly related to something being discussed" : pertinent a common element shared by all members of a group : denominator happening suddenly and unexpectedly: spontaneous stipulate: 规定 , 讲明 demand or insist:stipulate diagram : 图解 ( 齿轮箱示意图等 )"drawing, chart or illustration to show how something works" graph : 图表 , 曲线图 坐标图 full of detail : elaborate to take a matter to court for a decision: litigate 诉讼 of or shared by all the members of a group corporate "to represent, include" embody to judge the value of something appraise system of marks or symbols notation use up consume document listing details of contents and deliver manifest a group team* contingent* 代表团 Convention 大会 Mixed words 2010 年 11 月 25 日 20:54 分区 CAES1904 的第 1 页...
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