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coverpage - Name CAES 1904 Teacher Centre for Applied...

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Unformatted text preview: Name: ___________________ CAES 1904- ________ Teacher: ________________ Centre for Applied English Studies, The University of Hong Kong English for Academic Communication for Economics and Finance students CAES 1904 ACADEMIC WRITING FEEDBACK FORM (First Draft) Submission of the First Draft : • Use this form as the cover page of your assignment; • Include a copy of the sources/ materials you have consulted, underline the places where you have made use of the information; • Include a Vocabulary List of 5 words you have encountered in your reading; • Attach the outline to your assignment; • Submit a printed version of your assignment to your teacher and upload a file of it online . First Draft (10% of the final grade) GRADE: __________ Assessment Criteria Assessment 1. Development of arguments • Does the essay address the question/ issue set in the title? • Is the argument logically and coherently built up?...
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