lexisnexis - LEXIS ®-NEXIS ® Academic Universe © October...

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Unformatted text preview: LEXIS ®-NEXIS ® Academic Universe © October 2001 HKU Libraries How to search for news-related materials using LEXIS ®-NEXIS ® 7 Academic Universe 8 v v v v v Coverage (News-related) It is a web-based version of the Lexis-Nexis service providing access to a wide range of news, business, legal, reference, and medical information. Below is an overview of news-related topics: General News U.S. & international newspapers, magazines, newsletters and journals Today’s News News articles updated throughout the day U.S. News Newspaper, wire and transcript articles from a state and selected articles about each state World News News from U.S. and international sources Wires Wire service reports Transcipts Television and radio news broadcasts Arts & Sports Reviews, entertainment and sports news Campus Chronicle of Higher Education and students newspapers Non-English Language News Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian and German v v v v v How to Access 4 Point you browser to HKU Libraries Homepage <http://www.hku.hk/lib/> and click on Digital Library Collections. 4 Select <Browse by Key English Databases>. 4 Select <LEXIS-NEXIS Academic Universe> . v v v v v Search Syntax Following are some examples of how you may formulate your search statement: or Links synonyms, alternative form of expression and so on. Example: doctor or physician-- finds either doctor or physician. w/n Links search words and phrases to create concepts. The letter n stands for a number from 1-255. w/n does not specify a word order....
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lexisnexis - LEXIS ®-NEXIS ® Academic Universe © October...

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