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Azerbaijan State Economy University MIDTERM EXAM Subject: MANAGEMENT Fall, 2005 Student :_________________________ Instructor: Prof. Fuad Veliyev Total Marks: 25 1.Which of the following is a top manager? a. president b. supervisor c. executive recruiter d. executive secretary d. all the above 2. The ability to work with and through other people and to work effectively as a group member is____________ skill. a. human b. technical c. conceptual d. cognitive e. leading 3. Sarina is first-line supervisor at Checkers Corporation. She is most concerned with which level of goals? a . operational goals b. tactical goals c. strategic goals d. mission statement e. vision 4. Business-level strategy asks the question a . “How do we compete?” b.“What business are we in?” c. “How do we support the mission?” d. “What is the competition doing?” e. “What will happen in five years 5. The step in the decision-making process in which managers analyze underlying causal factors associated with the decision situation is called a. development of alternatives b. selection of desired alternative c. evaluation and feedback d. implementation of chosen alternative e. diagnosis 6.. The _________________ is often the style adopted by managers having a deep concern for others as individuals. a. directive style b. behavioral style c. analytical style d. conceptual style e. personal style 7. Most entrepreneurs have a(n) ________ locus of control. a. variable b. external c. internal d. direct c. power-driven 8. The most profitable business units or products will be classified as _______ in the BCG matrix a. stars b. dogs c. question marks d. cash cows e. stars and dogs 9. Conceptual skills are needed by_________ managers, especially, by _________managers. a. few, first-line b. all, middle c. intellectual, personnel d. all, top e. few, middle 10. In telling an employee how to correctly do a task which he formerly did incorrectly, you are engaged in the ________function of management. a. planning b. organizing c. leading d. controlling e. coordinating 11. Forces that affect the availability , production, and distribution of a society’s resources among competing users are a. social forces b. political forces c. economic forces d. legal forces e. external forces 12. Administrative decision-making procedures are most appropriate for _______ situations and problems. a. clear-cut b. rational c. vague d. stable e. slow-moving 13. The _____________ environment refers to the external environment that affects the organization indirectly . a. task b. general c. internal d. corporate e. outlying 14. A Greenfield venture is a. building a subsidiary in a foreign country from scratch b. illegal in most countries c. bribing foreign officials with money d. taking advantage of legislation e. entering a market where no competition exists 15. The sociocultural dimension includes a. norms and values b. demographics c. customs d. educational levels in the community e. all of the above
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290_Midterm - Azerbaijan State Economy University MIDTERM...

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