Case 1 Wild Water Park

Case 1 Wild Water Park - Case 1: Wild Water Gets Soaked...

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Case 1: Wild Water Gets Soaked Macro-environment is simply the major external and uncontrollable factors that would influence an organization’s decision making, and affect its performance and strategic plans. In Wild Water case, many elements can be taken under consideration. One of these elements is, Laws & Politics. A government can affect business opportunities to many organizations by tax laws and economic policies. Another element is the potential disasters, which are clearly uncontrollable. A hurricane can simply destroy the whole site attractions in the Wild Water Park. Economy is another factor. If economy in the area of jersey shore or the whole country gets struck really bad, then the business is also vulnerable to the consequences. These elements, along with Demographics and social and Nature Values, give simple ideas on external uncontrollable factors, macro-environment. Competitive-environment in business is simply factors that affect the decision making of an organization due to competition in the same market from another organization. As for the case of Wild Water Park, Rivalry is one of the major elements that will affect the decision making. New entrants always change the atmosphere of the market. When new entrants get in the
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Case 1 Wild Water Park - Case 1: Wild Water Gets Soaked...

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