BaseTOEFL 1 # (Book1_1~8)

BaseTOEFL 1 # (Book1_1~8) - Name : TOEFL Vocab Quiz 1(1~8)...

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TOEFL Vocab Quiz 1(1~8) Synonym 1. adversely convivial negatively favorably paternal 2. precipitation prototype evidence increase rain 3. photosynthesis prosperity irrigation inflation process of making chemical compounds 4. cultivation eruption farming shame fusion 5. aggregate circulating y disastrous increasing gathered 6. irrigation flourish water way annoyance apprehend 7. flood overflow berate simulate impact 8. unleash flourish capture hold release 9. generation influence group of people rate enormity 10. persevere 2 pattern famine keep going prevent 11. famine protest hunger process sentiment 12. impact novel generation villainy influence 13. collide crash intensify regulate incentive 14. plunge 2 contaminate f fall increase deplete 15. eruption juxtaposition taking advantage of outburst apprehend 16. evolve subsidy apprehend retain develop 17. feature Name :
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discretee element characteristic reward 18. inherent addictive innate random prototype 19. migration 2 conqueror movement
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BaseTOEFL 1 # (Book1_1~8) - Name : TOEFL Vocab Quiz 1(1~8)...

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