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Unformatted text preview: Name : SAT Vocab Quiz (2001-2500) Synonym 9. intrepid À patronization 1. interim to impair À eccentricity y meantime mud ¨ murky redundancy À insurrection 10. intrigue attribution 2. interloper A plot y intruder artificial A advice y gullible ¨ claim 11. introvert machination 3. interminable A endless revulsion À embezzlement flair ¨ savant y fearless ¨ myriad ¨ flaw A standard À sophisticated Ð secret A reserved person y corrupt ludicrous 12. intrusive À inflammatory 4. intermittent y shy y invading À argumentative y fake A periodic inimical mysterious ¨ hinging ¨ filial 5. interrogate ¨ negate retort y investigate 13. gullible ¨ maim ¨ kin ¨ repel ˆ maudlin 6. intervene orchestrate 7. intimidate ¨ scud plebeian ¨ flimsy naive gross abundant È heap friendly y commonplace 15. haggard ¨ ponder ¨ snarl È center y frighten y gaunt 8. intransigence ¨ evil ¨ modicum 14. hackneyed resent y mediate A messenger monarch ¨ X petulant È insult È agility È fracas 16. hail ¨ cynic y unyielding pomposity y salute A sum sell È condemn È assail ø anthem l antidote 17. hallowed 7 empty hedonistic A respected y artistic r unclear 26. hibernate make void y sleep 2 abhor petrify 7 avert 18. harangue linger 7 quarrel A join A make hostile 27. histrionic f address y eager á ambidextrous ˆ inclined to theatrical stiff in manner 19. harbinger y forerunner connoisseur labyrinth A similarity consternation 28. hoard solicit ø condemn y store salute ø explore 20. haughty 7 aloft y shocked able to walk A arrogant immortal 29. hodgepodge penchant courtesies aversion ø nadir y mixture 21. heinous 9 meek convenient generous docile y monstrous 30. holocaust ø charm - chaos indifference y genocide missile 22. hefty lofty courteous shapeless ø heavy ˆ be fixed in place 31. homogeneous 7 poise y uniform constrict r pithy A plenty 23. heresy amphitheater ø floor ˆ state of disorder ¹ alias A dissidence 32. hone importune 7 lumber 7 summit y sharpen r proviso 24. heterogeneous irksome 0 redress diverse á pertinacious - recluse 33. hideous y comparable r shaded 25. hiatus ø allot esoteric ø shocking fleeting 34. humane y break ø claim 7 germane 3 reek motley tender l aplomb A summit 35. humid 44. illuminate anguish y damp passionate mysterious x livid ( meander resign y brighten x occlude x falter 36. hybrid 45. illusion fragrance haughtiness ( lineage trickery y mixture y fantasy ( audit ( apogee 37. hyperbole ( stern t peak 46. immaculate ( gully ( arson A irregularity x anemia y exaggeration convivial y neat demographic 38. hypocrisy x florid x docile 47. holistic trickery y insincerity 2 clash subsidiary profanity y irrelevant auditory lofty » nomadic total È mawkish 39. hysteria 48. idyllic ð small planet È astray È medley omniscient È realm y madness È omen 40. idiosyncratic y enormous 49. imminent effective rife reactionary ancient A eccentric minuscule È inept pious È ocular 50. immutable forestall y fire traumatic x elate È drunken y unchangeable 42. ignominy È greedy hackneyed 51. impeccable y disgrace impudence A indifference antagonism 43. illicit not normal y near subsidiary 41. ignite c bilk È genuine ˆ naturally peaceful x novelty È nimble t flawless explanatory Ð jaded a taking possession of 52. impartial y illegal x odious È strange X excessive unbiased take possession of helix H false 53. impecunious 62. impoverish majestic H urgent negligent y penniless not native deceive y bankrupt 7 penetrate the meaning of 63. impromptu y hinder H replace H open d nettle * mitigate 54. impede H hew H weak assail 7 suit sell libelous ˜ peevish unprepared 55. impel 64. impassioned ˆ still in existence y urge ˜ fair compress extirpate H demote 56. imperative glorious mellifluous A haughty skillful y original A necessary hilarious y expressive abundant impromptu H build labyrinth y doubt o ensure y unplanned maneuver H mandate exclusive H pauper P impenetrable 68. inauspicious l describe productive A carry out y unlucky H sullen 60. implicit changeable H subtle 69. incantation y odorous cohesive A implied faithful difficult H omen ¹ fiat H negate H marrow A chant 61. impotent zealous rudeness 67. inadvertent y hasty H arroyo 3 assimilation pastoral integrate 59. implement H coax ˜ ardor 66. impugn 58. impetuous H fluent ˜ fervent H marquee H free H arid expletive y unwise 65. impudence 57. imperious empirical P dispassionate 70. incendiary ludicrous y self-denying malodorous debauchery predominant fussy inflammatory y impure 71. incentive 80. indecorous spasmodic y motive è flabby è obtuse pragmatic 2 retentive shoddy plaintive 81.indefatigable Z notorious collateral A stormy 7 knob bountiful hesitant h inexperienced è ruddy y confused l mobile 7 weak y hostile h intensely cold A permanent 74. incompatible accidental 83. indicative potential è muse incumbent y inharmonious è jest implying befuddling y disparage 75. incongruous è gaping µ lackadaisical 82. indelible è ornate alternative y tireless r superb 73. incoherent 7 cavil disciple 84. indict y devoted A inconsistent 7 deceit è frigid r waste 76. incorrigible l collapse A accuse r amuse 85. indigenous y uncorrectable è florid è spot è dour exiguous 7 clever maladroit r false 77. incredulous y native r relax 86. indigent h slight fault y skeptical longing h recalcitrant histrionic y poor 7 angry 7 ancient 78. incriminate 7 debris 7 thrifty 87. indispensable è flow puzzle è lose accuse foretell 7 smear 7 lush 7 myopic 7 noxious y essential 79. incessant hackneyed forensic y disrespectful 72. inclement è limited coincident 88. indomitable corrugated relentless ebullient 7 paltry murky penitent unconquerable bucolic8 finicky 89. indulgent 98. insipid y understanding 0 convivial 8 deny elusive 8 fretful ˆ potent 90. inert y inactive membranous pejorative ø prosaic 8 remiss A droll 0 tasteless windstorm 8 fulsome y unfailing 92. induce 3 move away meddle 8 A expel r leap playfully 93. infinitesimal 3 eloquent c gall y small X conducive ø explode 94. inkling ø bevy kindliness hint 95. infuriate y puzzle á stare foolishly 8 resolve 0 anger ameliorate 96. ingenious retentive A prejudiced A bankrupt 8 pious pertinent A creative 97. inimical methodical y hostile ø dirty y invincible A mild bombastic ˆ frivolity imperial 100. insuperable merrymaking 8 cause 3 eccentric imposing 91. infallible 8 febrile 8 grit 99. insolvent 8 examine ø pint gestation øvulgar eerie ...
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