2501-3000# - Name SAT Vocab Quiz(2501-3000 Synonym 9 nauseous patronizing 1 malice mess fearless y disgusting to impair y multitude oust a murky

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Unformatted text preview: Name : SAT Vocab Quiz (2501-3000 #) Synonym 9. nauseous patronizing 1. malice mess fearless y disgusting to impair y multitude oust a murky spite chronicle 10. nebulous fraying y gullible A obscure 2. naysayer a plot intruder a claim y legend ¸ embezzlement a cynic l flair 11. nefarious machination 3. mutilate judging obliterate A scold petty inflate A wicked Ð maim filibuster 12. mawkish ¸ inflammatory 4. miscreant retrospect a penance unclear invading y villain Ð morass inimical maudlin hindrance A innocence 13. mundane 5. negate gloom y hollow y invalidate a promote investigate a maim ordinary rhetoric conflicting a snarl 14. nimble 6. muddle resent y blameworthy mediate y announce a confuse habitual A quick inherent q candid orchestrate 15. nocturnal 7. narcissism scud a murmur palliate y conceit a snarl favorable restrictive y nightly petulant a fear 16. nominal 8. malleable ¸ unconquerable evil ¸ fading away tactile unyielding ( mutable y ductile 17. nonchalant portable ( amateur y namely perfunctory e putrid e awkward irritable A raise lionize A indifferent 27. obsequious 18. noncommittal d germane ( fatigued y neutral fluent call upon rife 5 flattery q vital ª fickle meandering 28. motif 19. notorious d theme determined irksome capricious d doff d energy ø gerontology y vow compression y infamous 29. novice 20. nullify d decree d loiter alienate 2 shear e bother poverty q souvenir clear of charges 5 beginner e cancel 30. obliterate 21. obdurate acrimonious d moist divulge d insipid illogical H soothe flourish H lure y destroy y stubborn 31. neutralize 22. obese y arrange unconnected y fat significant rhetoric H elude H nettle H offset preoccupy  slanderous 32. nip 23. oblivious ø resigned normalize gregarious ø irreproachable exorbitant H abuse y appoint A stop H fizzle y forgetful 33.onerous 24. missive d marsh y gay influx y intimidation negligent ` hybrid A burdensome integralH crazy A letter 34. obstreperous 25. obsolete y old y wise ø irreversible ø recalcitrant holistic A dead e snide 26. mitigate foretell y noisy vanishing 35. ominous chatter Ð appease demagogue H docile H wrong burdensome sinister capricious X attack 36. mimicry 45. laggard y speech Ø ostentatious š amicable y sluggish X beggar imitation perplexity 37. onslaught officious complain 5 elated d modest 46. lament deception y assault X summary parallel extirpate stimulate X quaff 38. odious y mourn 8give Øtwist in coils 47. lampoon extroverted Ø recalcitrant y disgusting truncate 8 jovial A fragrant A inclined 8 uncanny 39. officious 48. mendacious y biased A commodious A meddlesome A whirlpool A methodical y transparent 8 chaotic Ø enthusiastic 40. kinetic detrimental false punitive 49. largess nauseous X demure conducive fill up y active y proverb Ð pitfall A collar 8 clamor 41. mirage generosity 50. latent y skill ploy A regret Ð despot illusion vivid µ zany A potential 51. laudatory portable capricious A contemptible y instructive Ø unfathomable 42. laborious y wearisome shriveled rudimentary 8 horrid ê delaying Ø complementary 43. lackadaisical X toady y satirize complimentary 52. mentor Ø sophisticated exigency X presage y languid 8 flora 44. laconic y amateur 53. menace X burden y succinct exquisite e finite meditate Ð foliage 8 disavow A teacher weaken A threat exculpate 8 stalk avert 54. mischievous incipient glistening y prankish 63. listless 8 timid A plucky 8 unknown y unemotional a make eyes at A sluggish insulting 55. lave 8 praise formulate 8 bilk 64. loathe abolish8 wash 8 bile Ð testify A despise Ð brink Ð reek 56. lenient y tolerant 8 novice 8 noxious A insightful 65. lofty whimsical y noble prominent 8 stupid fading away dissenting 57. levy neutralize favor 8 impose y float 66. modulate confuse preoccupy 8 lessen 8 meddle lounge about 8 surfeit 58. libelous offensive marriageable y defaming y fat separate 67. loom 8 menace 8 attack obligate y twist A appear 59. legion 8 repeal y army gratitude dictionary A inconsistency 68. loquacious 8 opaque conflicting A talkative luxurious favorable 60. licentious y immoral fragrant 8 void A untidy 69. meek iconoclastic retroactive y ponderous substantive A absurd obedient 61. lilliputian 8 deep A gloomy small stubborn conspicuous 70. lukewarm y warm disguise 62. obviate 8 cajole tantalize y slight 71. lunge … small insect plausible prosperous plunge grasp - threaten ¨ lecture hypnotize A obvious 72. machination a diverse turbulent 81. mendicant P public speaker y plot similar ¨ equal Ø prayer Ø decree A outline anxiety braggart y portrayal 73. lustrous X beggar disciplinarian 82. mercurial artificial transparent deceptive y shining arrogant A fickle ` sycophant 83. meager y fraudulent P conventional resigned y taciturn 74. magnanimous showing off shriveled Ø droll A generous incomplete Ø bilious 75. menial Ø rural y scarce H bubbly 84. massive excessively decorated A serious X kind y unskillful y self-centered ¬ low A huge 76. milieu not active deferential ( art of education 85. marvel ¨ prowess celebrity A environment y imbalance wild tumult y erase H surprise Ø steal Ø amend embezzle 77. malevolent 86. matriculate y hostile Ø disease Ð enroll Ø placate Ð emit indecorous ¨ petty P lackadaisical egg-shaped 78. malign 87. manifesto defame ¨ hide A scheme envy encompass 79. mandatory ¨ sedate perilous 80. manifest x disguise y ordinariness P riveting x declaration Ø maze 88. meddle H required ` laminated A euphoric lacerate Ø amend y interfere Ø repress 89. meander Ð wander P predilection suspend wind trespass wrench h freedom y boredom A expel 90. mellifluous everlasting machination h kudos A representative 99. lucrative harassed ø astute y desolate indelible y smooth A thin A loving profitable 91. lumber 100. lout ( commit an offense ø remiss y identification 2 oaf y satire n disturb greatly A alteration ø noise n move clumsily 92. mimic insult y imitate petrify A adorn µ pervade 93. minute suitable perspicuous y small pervading A experimental 94. mirth gloominess tenacity morbid fear y stealing A happiness 95. meteorology ( study of weather y praise ` hostility 5 study of old people people 96. mock implicate h ossify dominate e ridicule 97. modicum h trap A little 98. monotony Ð mourn A speech applause h pilfer h trivial resurrection ...
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