2501-3000 - Name : SAT Vocab Quiz (2501-3000) Synonym 9....

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SAT Vocab Quiz (2501-3000) Synonym 1. myriad mess y multitude porcine revulsion insurrection 2. naysayer intruder y legend embezzlement a cynic flair 3. mutilate obliterate inflate maim Ascold filibuster 4. naiveté retrospect y fake hindrance a penance Ainnocence 5. negate y invalidate a promote a maim investigate a snarl 6. muddle resent mediate y announce a confuse orchestrate 7. narcissism scud y conceit a snarl a murmur a fear 8. natal evil fading away unyielding flimsy y relating to birth 9. nauseous patronizing fearless y disgusting to impair a murky 10. nebulous fraying y gullible Aobscure a plot a claim 11. nefarious machination petty morass judging Awicked 12. negligent inflammatory y shy inimical invading careless 13. mundane gloom y hollow rhetoric ordinary conflicting 14. nimble y blameworthy Aquick inherent habitual : candid 15. nocturnal palliate favorable y nightly restrictive petulant 16. nominal unconquerable portable w mutable w amateur y namely 17. nonchalant Name :
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perfunctory s putrid irritable s awkward Aindifferent 18. noncommittal g germane y neutral call upon fluent meandering 19. notorious determined irksome g doff capricious y infamous 20. nullify g loiter alienate shear s bother s cancel 21. obdurate acrimonious g insipid illogical g moist y stubborn 22. obese unconnected significant rhetoric y fat slanderous 23. oblivious resigned gregarious exorbitant irreproachable y forgetful 24. morass
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2501-3000 - Name : SAT Vocab Quiz (2501-3000) Synonym 9....

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