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Unformatted text preview: Name : SAT Vocab Quiz Answer (3001-3500) Synonym 9. prognosis ˆ forte y prediction 1. pristine ˆ obtuse Ø deeply rooted y pure ˆ gift ˆ project illogical Ø indisputable 10. ostensible ˆ slow 2. probe y advanced innermost ˆ pure overwhelm ˆ anger 3. proclivity rob rejoicing H constantly changing 11. proliferate laud impeccable ˆ profess dictate A increase y inclination ˆ crisis 12. prologue negligence 4. procrastinate alterable A alleged call on as in prayer y examine irreverent ˆ maze y introduction ˆ wash ˆ corpse y wax pursue y postpone jeopardize Ø throw overboard 13. promenade 5. procure legerdemain ˆ sneer endanger y acquire ˆ jaded mildness y walkway Ø philanthropy ˆ legend a not able to be resolved 14. promote 6. prodigal ˆ instead irreverent irresolute irreparable rejoicing g support ˆ supple ˆ agile clear up y wasteful 15. prompt 7. profane ˆ related y cause 6 sluggish A irreligious ˆ mourn promiscuous ˆ doubt ˆ defame ˆ fray scoundrel 16. oscillate 8. profuse ˆ glory revert ˆ sprawl inspiring ˆ dull y waver H change into liquid y drive ridicule y flowing 17. propensity association frivolity agile lucid enrich y drag tendency 27. proximity 18. ossify 4 pastoral song y predict a lithe y nearness a lexicon prominence curse shining A harden atone for 28. prudent 19. propitious boastful lavish lustful 4 lexicographer y careful defame generous 4 foul-smelling flexible y favorable 29. protrude 20. proponent 4 whishing evil long life fate y advocate detest bungle sanction waste away y bulge celebrity 30. provoke 21. propriety y correctness doubt 4 gallop slowly fierce trifling raven clumsy y anger 6 defame sensation 31. ordain 22. prosaic normalize boor talkative y dull mournful y appoint A resist a abuse a fizzle dazzling 32. opulent 23. prosperity stout 4 lounge about remedy aversion y success demure y luxurious conducive A shy d stanch 33. pugnacious 24. protocol mourn clear lukewarm 4 bright object y combative damaged 4 issuing light bulky y custom 34. pungent 25. provocative reluctant absurd warlike y annoying 4 lounge about 4 understandable damaged x sensational 26. protract slink g strong 35. oration incorporate forgive y speech renegade affected emancipate beggar authority rhapsody k nomadic 36. purloin 45. palatable P handle roughly interfere spiritless y filch H enroll submissive w sober retiring 46. overhaul H cite H humble H entreat y interfere l trick extirpate H mourn y repair 38. putrid H bestow integrate 47. patronize H thought megalomania H brawl H scanty truncate y rotten shrill 39. puny y help satirize revert 48. paltry commonplace y weak P sweetly flowing mold or die y transparent A worthless P enthusiastic spiritless 40. purse * illegitimate sluggish 49. palpitate H fight y pucker H snatch d subsidize y follow H token ulcer 41. oracle pitfall H reserve w throb 50. pallid H skill illusion X insurrection H despot y pale prophet vivid P unfathomable 42. ornate ¶ zany potential 51. pastoral derivative communal y decorated - belated shriveled k delaying exquisite didactic 52. partisan rudimentary y conventional H horrid A rural 43. orthodox P sophisticated - languid frenetic worthy H flora 44. painstaking y thorough sluggish y tasty 37. outwit - toady A dim y supporter à manifest 53. permeate succinct lustrous meditate y sell enervate spread delay A commit remit 54. paramount y supreme dingy genial 63. perfidious timid negligent earnest gallant y unfaithful complacent itinerant 55. parsimonious y stingy à slipshod receptive w complimentary A pitiable 64. perpetuate bilk sequester a despise remunerate ý maintain 56. parochial tolerant menial y near-sighted y insightful ramshackle 65. pernicious inane prominent jubilant ordinary y deadly 57. parry neutralize favor y ward off float 66. perturb a confuse preoccupy y roam a meddle Ð linger A agitate 58. pedantic y scholarly defaming 2 intransigent obese separate 67. peruse menace y read a lank A relate Ð loom 59. pellucid repeal y clear gratifying lexicon A inconsistent 68. pert incongruous luxurious hostile loquacious y forward 60. penitent y regretful wicked rash 69. pervasive disheveled 2 iconoclastic y spread w presumptuous substantive a ruddy 61. pensive deep à minuscule mnemonic A gloomy A thoughtful 70. petty y small lukewarm 62. perpetrate cajole soar y notice 71. pilfer x small insect plausible prosperous remedial plunge quiver steal shed e hypnotize È decree anxiety y plenty y top y portrayal 73. pious apparent deceptive È pompous y religious y impudent ˆ conventional generous A concise incomplete à resplendent pastoral reticent È bilious 75. pivotal € multilingual 84. pompous decorated unskillful menacing y self-centered y significant ª malicious 76. plaudit medieval not active deferential H art of education 85. plummet È prowess maverick y prisoner y applause È audit y erase à glitter A drop 77. plausible È amend È lobby 86. ponder inimical indecorous y believable ˆ lackadaisical • cede È poetic 78. placate consider ˜ placate Ð beckon * masquerade 87. portent manipulate ¨envy improvise • breakdown retinue 79. poignant 80. pliant y weird 83. polyglot monumental perilous martyr È swelled ˆ heterogeneous y disputatious 74. pithy È sane w manifesto 82. polemical artificial È scheme turbulent 81. plenitude oration È prayer y soothe x provincial conspicuous 72. pinnacle plot similar y pliable omen ˆ predilection sluggard 88. prattle á mandatory resilient moving lacerate fabricate y babble 89. prescribe I hone È doff suspend ¸ wind revile recommend ¸ slander ¸ ennui 90. precarious y risky obtuse A thin y early y prevent misconstrue tolerate ¸ hovel Ø disturb greatly 92. predispose y to incline ø mimic petrify ø reap d force 93. pretentious y pompous perspicuous heretical 94. prey religion tenacity y victim Ð residue 95. phobia heist ø hiatus longevity à excursion A fear 96. prevail ø shed y win ø relax edible ¸ careful ¸ maudlin 100. prelude scintillate ø sham delegate generous 91. preclude ø small machination 99. premature @ meager exorbitant y dilemma ø steal à ridicule 97. predilection 5 prevention A preference 98. predicament mourn y speech applause ø mangy y forerunner ª exigency pterodactyl restraint ¸ kudos ...
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