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3501-4000 # Answer - Name SAT Vocab Quiz Answer(3501-4000...

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Unformatted text preview: Name : SAT Vocab Quiz Answer (3501-4000 # ) Synonym 9. sanctuary y haven 1. scoundrel spurious 8 ardent 8 obtuse • deeply rooted 8 mutual illogical y villain • indisputable 10. secrete 8 slow 2. salvage y emit confirm implement y rescue 8 advance 8 constantly changing 11. saturate laud 3. scourge v swerve tantalize flaw remaining 8 crisis X harsh jeopardize y soak 12. salutary 4. shear pursue browbeat inclination distant y frown 8 parody 8 diffuse manipulate y affliction • inflammatory diaphanous y healthy ð original postpone A cut 13. seep 5. scrutinize legerdemain 8 sneer endanger acquire 8 jaded mildness y ooze X iterate V quell y examine 14. seethe 6. scrupulous y furious irreverent irresolute irreparable y conscientious h support compliment incorporate X clear wasteful 15. scoff 7. serpentine 8 related X cause - sluggish • irreligious A winding X doubt y mock y isolate X fray safe 16. scintillating 8. sate 8 teem y interesting inspire 8 speak didactically ambulatory ridicule y cloy 17. sage X bogus A independent flexible hybrid wise man H ecstasy 8 enrich y drag 8 force or push out y sea 27. quandary 18. sequel Ð pastoral song prediction H lithe frivolity y follow-up prominence y nearness 8 curse A dilemma H libido 28. saccharine 19. sequester boastful H jeer H fizzle H strut y sweet generous 8 uncanny 8 limited flexible y take 29. rant 20. serendipity whish evil H peace H fate y luck sanction festivity 8 bungle y rave y bulge celebrity 30. raiment 21. serene 8 doubt 8 raven y peace Ð gallop slowly H fierce trifling 8 clumsy y anger g clothing sensation 31. scathing 22. servile poetic y harsh Ð noble in spirit y slavish dull loquacious mournful A unwitting hermitlike H peevish 32. recessive 23. savvy y understand y cut obligatory H cancel H accuse 8 filthy evaluative y swollen A not dominant V feign 33. rampant 24. sanguine H limited A cheerful 8 clear 1 notorious autonomous y combative 8 damaged A prevalent 8 bulky abundant 34. pungent 25. shed reluctant N excavate 8 warlike restrict y cast Ð understandable affected 8 damaged blossom 26. quash 8 slink g strong 35. ramshackle incorporate y annul y decrepit gigantic y thoroughbred to be amazed greedy for possessions 36. ravage not fixed 45. rabble ` handle roughly spiritless interfere y filch ˜ enroll 8 misunderstanding merriment y mob 37. quagmire y bog ` extremely small ˜ appease ˜ movable 46. rabid ` nonconformist miscellany ˜ medley ˜ minor ˜ danger ˜ movable ` bother 38. sanctimonious y furious deceptive 47. quell stubborn y hypocritical reverent ˜ scanty y rotten ` misrepresent y stop 39. recondite ` mucky ground mischance ˜ disturb 48. radical commonplace y weak ` sweetly flowing A profound ` monochromatic ˜ customs spiritless y extreme 40. recuperate ˜ theme ˜ confuse 49. rally ˜ fight y recover ˜ snatch small speck ˜ mix up A follow ˜ token ˜ impetus ˜ pacify 41. query gather 50. rancorous 8 concerning trade ˜ lying large city y inquiry ˜ massive ˜ bearing ˜ sullen debatable ˜ impetus y bitter 42. querulous didactic y complaining ˜ fickle ˜ measure 51. ramble ˜ courage nimbleness explanation y walk ª departure a taking possession of 43. quiescent courageous y still ` trivial quarrel systematic ¼ threatening 52. rustic y rural A slattern 44. quixotic y unrealistic ˜ wretch accidental 53. riveting excessive tempestuous A farmable logical h urgent not native A absorbing y slipshod practical replaceable suitable A vulgar h skill A lie 8 small plane surface y an original y cancel y learn imagine ø consort 57. revulsion conclude 66. robust @ amelioration y ecstasy y strong A sophomoric vacillation ø ardent 58.recalcitrant incendiary A mutual 67. remonstrate y dry abundant impromptu y astound ø mandate fabricate 59. rebuff A refusal y evaluate 65. revoke y reason v coaxing @ liable to err hesitateA criticize 56. rationale h fluent ø shift ø adapt ø clique A starving A disgust ø sham 64. rebuke solvent y passionate y stubborn penetrate the meaning of y demolish sell 55. ribald orgy cultivate 63. raze @ definite open h harsh 8 enchant straight n e 54.raucous y harsh y enjoy A pay A protest 68. renegade arroyo elaboration y pride ø product y apostate ø sullen 60. revelry ø pertain subtlety 69. recount y suture ø sinewy A break ø weapon tautology A merrymaking @ impugn 61. ratify ø negate y compensate 70. rectify y confirm prosperous ø false sham blow 62. relish — tell ø diffuse y correct ø audit ø fussy A expand 71. redolent ø obscure spasmodic flabby y promising suggestive è flushed g repeat è allege 81. roam è limited 1 notorious A independent bountiful A beat ¹ scud renounce 82. rue y hermit hesitant ° inexperienced è ruddy y subsidiary è talent sluggish A regret 83. reiterate è vista small fleet è weaken è imbue A pay back 74. recrimination y countercharge y repeat befuddle y disparage y greed 75. redeem repudiate disciple 84. rejuvenate alternate y devote è fission perforate y regain deceit collapse è waste 76. reprimand y rebuke y rule A linger 73. recluse y invigorate belittle 85. relevant ¨ stink è spot è whip è melee ° like brothers è false è null 77. requisite y related è elated 86. remission ° slight fault y song y improvement A requirement invention y recipient è levity A lessening 78. refurbish è flow è resign y trade 72. regal A royal forensic è debris è thrift 87. relinquish 9 insane A improve foretell 79. remedial encourage y give 88. remuneration y corrective corrugated y hackneyed coincident 80. regurgitate è daunt y abandon y puzzle è smear 8 premonition of evil y pay è freshet è bough è ignite 89. retort ª scold beseech H emerge A reply extenuate gestation y transmit y renounce 90. remorse y exile H stark A regret transpire windstorm H fulsome y appointment bombastic awaken H noble H meddle H scuttle 93. ruminate y brighten mgall H gambol A renew H ponder 94. reparation H pint Ð bevy A pay Ð nonplus kindliness 95. repent bewilder ` stare foolishly ameliorate ¹ seine 96. reprehensible H pious blameworthy boastful 97. reprieve H sprout scapegoat 98. repudiate y eccentric H gallows y pardon y bullhead H dirty y swarming 92. rouse y prejudiced y cheat imperial A respected 100. rife merrymaking y deny H basic imposing 91. rendezvous retentive H suspend 99. rudimentary H examine y regret underscore indecent y determined imposing ...
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