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Unformatted text preview: Name : TOEFL Vocab Quiz (Evaluation) Synonym 9. generation influence 1. permeate q rate convivial X favor y group of people 0 enormity X obtain y spread 10. physical l pattern 2. aggregate abstract y related to body X purpose circulating y disastrous increasing O gathered 11. process X protest X employ 3. anticipate y steps accumulate 2 collide 0 sentiment y expect 2 obtain 12. constraint commodity 4. source X flaw villainy y limit y origin 0 absorption ( shame Ð fusion 13. trigger 5. famine y initiate inflation womanlike stability migrate regulate incentive y hunger 14. deplete 6. unleash X depress flourish q capture q hold increase exhaust replenish h release 15. dispose of 7. adapt y remove • take advantage of y adjust ( corrode simulate complete enrapture ( detect 16. extinction 8. diverse q detest X subsidy prosperity fearless propensity y various q alone 17. stable y disappearance discrete whimsical firm Ø famine y foretelling the future Ý capricious 27. haunt 18. arbitrary arrogant addictive defending y random enrapture y appear as a ghostØ work ancestral 28. horror 19. denominator y fear ¸ conqueror Ø survive number under line in a fraction affection Ð rate allocate number over line in a fraction 29. intermediary 20. exponentially Ø shrewd typically bitterly ° decreasingly 0 agnostic grotesque O acting as an agent y rapidly 30. invoke 21. certifiably ° piracy arbitrary supposedly unauthentic y appeal 2 abandon shuttle y as officially recognized 31. assimilate 22. complication y difficulty ˜ love ˜ offense inference à discretely O incorporate maximize proportion 32. cremation 23. cure • acquire y burning the dead˜ erupt hide Ø enrich obtain contaminate y restore to health 33. domesticate 24. implant artistic ¸ shrink set in firmly 2 avoid ¸ gut hypothesize train reveal 34. folklore 25. astrological reservoir y myths Ø plunge incentive migration fluctuation y related to stars µ abduction 26. divination predicament 35. fossilize authority y be preserved structure scandal 0 fertilize 36. relic dishonor • argument ( something from the past 37. amend physically y extract counter 8 fortify 46. entrepreneurial y correct humiliate corrode ritually ˆ offset 38. biased @ aggressively invading 8 fatally g able to create businesses 47. extract y prejudicial accuse m equitable elemental 39. intervene 8 trigger u take out juxtapose 8 overlap 48. haggle dispose of y come between multiple v take advantage 8 inborn domesticate 40. burden y bargain assimilate 49. intrepid context y source of stress maintenance viewpoint 41. enterprising psychic 8 biased parochial parallel g fearless 50. merchant stable y creative 8 obese 42. exploit prognosis 8 merit y sales person 8 atheist 51. luxury y abuse 8 erudite k discriminate proportion 8 suspend 43. incentive q pious n consciousness extreme comfort 52. nobility anomaly y motivation paradigm 44. industrious indisputable v astrological 45. distill v installation 2 gap y diligent N cremation famine curriculum y aristocracy 53. acquire ecclesiastical , domesticate hypothesize gut get O examine 54. assess 63. assail y evaluate è plunge 2 gut è adjust overlap è enrich 55. asset relic structure E precipitation 56. hazardous y criticize dishonor • diverse y opposite à privileged p notion marginal 65. hypothesize inherent ( dangerous 57. jointly circulate y guess 7 install implement 66. impair integrally y together arbitrary tangible 58. lease y diminish è convey aggregate permeate 67. inference y rent ´ accuse ( amend • curriculum adjust 59. compensate y pay intervene 8 take advantage 60. dynamic 8 infinitesimal è luxury affection • rate ( giving money for privileges parochial aggregate 61. implicate ¨ exalt y rigor 69. cynically y energetic y involve 2 secular ( conclusion 68. bribery dispose of discretely y disrespectfully integrally 70. erode meditate invoke Ð 62. analyze ¨ poll maximize 64. contrary y property solar impoverish y corrode ( obese ¨ appeal shuttle 71. evade decline y escape à prosper lease accumulate 72. grotesque cynically industrious 81. adolescent - nobility prestige y unattractive aristocracy w implicate industrious y young 73. integrity 82. cause 2 domesticate 2 subsidy 0 intrepid y social goal • prototype ( honesty 74. abduction humiliation simulation h offset 83. conflict reservoir x reward • coalition kidnapping 75. coerce • reconciliation cause problem x enrich harmonize 84. delinquency y force 0 apprehend , praise prestige • conquest ( gut • notion misbehavior 76. detain 85. fringe y hold Ð convict ' discharge hazardous circulate y edge 2 integrity bribery 77. deviant 86. hedonistic h psychic astrological y seeking pleasureh impair y irregular h convey h vanish tangible 78. distort 2 lease 87. abstract - accuse 2 amend twist 79. intentionally prevailing n accidentally y theoretical h inborn physical 88. context y purposely @ in the trenches 80. addictive arrogant adversely h luxury y larger environment , rate perspective 89. dimension y captive parochial consciousness aspect integrity • aggregate 90. esthetically 99. cast y related to beauty 2 obese suspicious objectively 91. intrinsic augment Ý concentrated 92. advent H growth departure y arrival H bulk 93. ambiguous • domesticate ( vague 2 inherent - famine 94. connotation reservoir y implied meaning coalition contamination 95. decipher ø coerce u interpret • conquest ( gut 96. denote y express H inhibit w discharge hazardous 97. illiterate ø psychic hedonistic y unable to read 98. amateurish 2 trendy ø prevail â group of actors 2 migration impact 100. charismatic l complex y innate ( nonprofessional 2 subtly obliterate hedonistic cynical y charming industrious ...
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