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Unformatted text preview: Name : TOEFL Vocab Quiz (FINAL ) Synonym 9. generation influence 1. adversely y group of people ¨ rate convivial y negatively favorably paternal 0 enormity 10. persevere g pattern 2. precipitation , famine y keep going prototype ¨ prevent evidence increase y rain 11. famine ¨ protest ¨ process 3. photosynthesis prosperity ¨ inflation q hunger 0 sentiment irrigation process of making chemical compounds 12. impact ¨ novel 4. cultivation villainy influence O eruption ¨ shame 0 generation y farming Ð fusion 13. collide 5. aggregate y crash circulating y disastrous increasing ª intensify regulate incentive O gathered 14. plunge 6. irrigation Ø contaminate flourish y water way annoyance increase ( fall ¨ deplete apprehend 15. eruption 7. flood 0 juxtaposition y overflow ¨ berate simulate y outburst Ø taking advantage of apprehend ¨ impact 16. evolve 8. unleash ¨ subsidy apprehend flourish ¨ capture ¨ hold ¨ retain q release 17. feature q develop discrete element characteristic ø famine y foretelling the future reward 27. roster 18. inherent arrogant addictive y innate , random y list enrapture Í circulate prototype 28. scar 19. migration horror 8 conqueror nobility movement affection y mark Ð rate commodity 29. meditate 20. diverse Ø arbitrate ø detest fearless y various reflect fluctuate 0 act as an agent alone 30. invoke 21. wound 0 piracy y injure ª abandon ø amend y appeal g abandon shuttle unleash 31. assimilate 22. inject ø love y insert offend ø infer ª discretely O incorporate maximize erupt 32. phantom 23. obese y ghost Ø acquire hide y overweight rate ª accuracy 0 contamination 0 catastrophic 33. psychic 24. procedure amateurish inflation y process implantation , artistic relating to the mind addictive á installation 34. folklore 25. astrological reservoir y myths H plunge incentive migration fluctuation y related to stars µ abduction 26. divination predicament 35. self-perpetuating authority fertilize structure imposing being able to renew oneself 36. rite X industriously 45. distill X installation dishonor Ø argument g ceremony 37. amend physically y extract counter ¸ fortify 46. prototype y correct humiliate corrode X offset 38. biased constraint y original one forensics precipitation 47. reward y prejudicial accuse t equitable elemental 39. ritually X trigger P prize X intermediary divination 48. haggle dispose of y as part of tradition multiple X take advantage ¸ inborn domesticate 40. saga gala y equivalently y bargain assimilate 49. intrepid Ø source of stress maintenance y long story 41. promote stable parochial parallel P fearless 50. shuttle aggravate y elevate X biased contemplate y move back and forthy persevere X persist ª preserve 42. exploit 51. allegiance y abuse ¸ erudite ` abandon X discriminate ¸ suspend 43. resign exalt ` gap ¸ keeping loyalty acquisition 52. rank ¸ deify quit augment erupt y arrange ¸ fortify 44. proportionately 53. ratio n indisputable h ecclesiastically y proportion ¸ rigor convey 0 divination 54. cease eruption h equity 63. bitterly discharge q degrade q cause ` stop intuitively h expeditiously Ø be inclined to 55. strategic harshly 64. inaugurate y tactical agnostic stability invasive y start Ð exploit decline 56. in the trenches 65. policy q overlap per capita q burden ` in the hardest fight permeating in safety 57. mobilize 0 maximize O activate Ð collide 58. annex candidate q overlap ` challenge permeate safeguard 67. poll y add Ð haunt - cultivate q inhabit juxtapose 59. apex Ø asset Ð loyalty ( survey 68. accuse h archeologist y highest point h precipitation h lowest point 60. resist h annex Ð rank O charge ª juxtapose 69. allegedly g impact 2 obtain collapse h physically withstand 61. advocate p abandon ritually y without proof self-perpetuating 70.suspect support Ð acquire 62. authority y power y system of ways 66. contest q inhabit h keep hierarchy g impact Ø allegiance , cease supposed perpetrator 71. verdict ª subsidy h apex decision by court core 0 sacrifice 72. witness á complication 81. affection ¨ obtain ¨ defend y see 0 impoverish 73. guilty Ø o biased 2 complication Ø advocate inflation ( love 82. associate invasive ( responsible - counter pious 0 arrogant ¨ amend y meet 74. inquiry 83. in common g consequence t merit y investigation incentive 75. intrusively y as a shared character¨ notion n precipitation integrally 84. clique flourish allegedly y intervening emission jointly 76. seize ¨ seep subsidize candidate installation y group of friends 85. confide coincide permeate persevere y take 77. surveillance y watching lin the trenches 78. bureaucratic enterprising y selective reconciling o chronological Orwellian 87. solidarity y hierarchical marginal coerce y confess 86. exclusive incentive E intrepid corrode feature 79. condemn y cohesion extent loneliness emission 88. willing y criticize o prosper o piracy advocate invoke Ø invasive ª terminal agreeable 80. objectively 89. proliferation y fair y increase 0 contrary ¨ rigor relic 0 humiliation 90.devotion y having no respect˜ feature 99. despise 2 flood generation Ø cultivation sacrifice 91. reciprocity exalt ˜ prosper advocate y hate 100. stigmatize Ø complex ( exchanging state ˜ plunge y mark with disgrace ˜ lease 0 kin g smuggle 92. engender 6 modify contest Ø contemplate cause 93. vanish Ø fossilize disappear 4 corrupt 0 assimilate 94. obnoxious 2 prevailing healthy affluence y bothersome 95. antipathy y negative feeling ˜ ratio affection artillery 96. shame merit 8 accidentally y dishonor ˜ dilemma 97. berate compensate y insult ˜ assure A employ 98. contemptuous ˜ unleash marginal inhibit ...
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