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답! Base TOEFL 1 (Book1_1~8)

답! Base TOEFL 1 (Book1_1~8) - Name...

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TOEFL Vocab Quiz 1(1~7) Synonym 1. permeate convivial obtain favor y spread 2. aggregate circulating y disastrous increasing O gathered 3. anticipate accumulate y expect 2 collide obtain 4. source y origin v absorption o shame fusion 5. famine inflation womanlike stability y hunger 6. unleash flourish capture hold release 7. adapt y adjust o corrode simulate o detect 8. diverse detest fearless y various alone 9. generation influence y group of people rate v enormity 10. physical l pattern abstract y related to body purpose 11. process protest employ y steps v sentiment 12. constraint commodity flaw villainy y limit 13. trigger y initiate migrate regulate incentive 14. deplete depress y exhaust increase replenish 15. dispose of y remove take advantage of complete enrapture 16. extinction subsidy prosperity propensity y disappearance 17. stable Name :
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discrete whimsical O firm capricious 18. arbitrary addictive defending y random ancestral 19. denominator conqueror number under line in a fraction allocate
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