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1-500 # Answer - Name SSAT Vocab Quiz Answer(1-500 Synonym...

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SSAT Vocab Quiz # Answer (1-500) Synonym 1. abbreviate y shorten detest cancel fruitless formally 2. abject frank abolish temperate y extremely sad insulting 3. accede y agree award abridge condense pardon 4. abyss rubbing away scull sacrilege y pit o obscure 5. abstract shorten theoretical inherent temporary rubbing away 6. abstemious supportive y moderate headless caustic inclined to 7. accentuate y articulate shunt motivate shameful a perturb 8. accolade refraining 5 ridiculous show agreement y award abyss 9. accost skillful stick fast to priceless y approach mental keenness 10. acknowledge refer y admit detest entreat resist 11. adulation outlining shield y flattery supply with oxygen adaptable 12. adamant rotten y stubborn misfortune battalion long period of time 13. acrimonious y bitter pervasive hallow enemy adherent 14. acumen adjudication abundance mishap admonition y sharpness 15. affliction center insult agility y misery fracas 16. adversary celebration y sum similarity amicable y enemy Name :
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17. adage loyalty peddler miser y proverb unclear 18. adept folklore bendable make hostile y skillful adverse 19. affinity alloy connoisseur labyrinth y similarity consternation 20. aghast aloft y shocked affluent able to walk amble 21. ameliorate y improve convenience generous similarity anatomy 22. ailment y disease courtesies shapeless solemn curse be fixed in place 23. alias amphitheater floor t false name state of disorder
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1-500 # Answer - Name SSAT Vocab Quiz Answer(1-500 Synonym...

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