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501-1000 Answer - Name : SSAT Vocab Quiz Answer (501-1000)...

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Unformatted text preview: Name : SSAT Vocab Quiz Answer (501-1000) precocious Synonym y rude outstanding X preface foretelling 1. blasphemous y irreverent X ransack X keen • disputatious blandishing 9. brazen unspoiled y brave wasteful Ðenormous extravagant 2. blatant X blithe • controversial inclination X prod brilliant y obvious 10. brevity absorbent dissipated 3. bleak • consternation y briefness 11. breeze y gloomy X coward X massive piercing permeable inclined to y wind bottleneck 4. blossom nourishment Xwaste 12. bravado entrance X omen X asylum X stout y flower overflowing contempt y swagger premonition X excuse 5. blunder X impel presuppose sovereign y stumble 13. brandish regress affront X portend y wave y lie Ðeject 6. boisterous X useful y noisy 14. bounty practical privilege • introductory uncertain X victim 7. bombastic • introduction boldness 15. boulevard X steep y pompous X predict • proliferation gifted precipitous uncommonly y generosity nearness headland y avenue relishing 16. botanist 8. boorish y scientist of plant divination X effigy y support commonplace 17. brink wfurnace bdilemma fitness bgala gaudy 26. cajole odometer y verge preamble ( prattle 18. broach quagmire y persuade put down potentate bsearch bverify 27. calamity ( prolong ( banish inquiry whining tranquility y disaster stipulate cut away resembling y discuss 28. caliber y diameter 19. brusque well-known y abrupt versatile protract bcadence bvertex bcaprice boculist ( trim 29. callous carefree temporary y swell øhaving foresight (emit rampant y hardened 20. bulge accidental ordinary (abduct 30. cantankerous explicit 21. bungle ( open Ð counterfeit ( dupe witty irrelevant Ð efface aspoil bitterness y ill-tempered 31. capacity fury 22. burgeon ( ensnare ( flay ( pound y grow forth dhatred y ability dgreed dbliss emulsify 32. capricious lively 23 burrow y tunnel frugality ( emulate frivolity exalted torture rave y fickle friction 33. caricature congruence 24. cache ( iota ( knack È stored goods rire y parody elegance becstasy bgravity ( scope 34. cartel 25. buttress harshness precedent miser union Ð odyssey 43. charlatan y fraud Øremedy 35. cascade Ø sphere Ð uprightness Øchalice dunnecessary repetition y waterfall ø imperturbability calmness 44. chasm y gap suggestions Ð scullery @proliferation Øquery response 36. catalyst y stimulus brochure potpourri Ø famine 45. chic y stylish buccaneer Ø elated frenetic credible 37. catastrophe refutation withdraw Ø retreat pertinent Ø pause y disaster 46. chide y scold Ð refract indicate 38. causality Ø carp Ø respite Ø reason y causation Øgrapple acrimony 47. chronic fugacious pertinent 39. cavalcade confidant fundamental refurbish y constant Ø survey dichotomy y process renovate 48. circuitous y roundabout querulous disprove Ø odor stealthy rejuvenate 40. cede @ repay in kind Ø consort y transfer Ø narrate 49. circumvent Ø regress Ø confer < talk over or discuss again @ repay in kind y escape Ø cipher 41. censor Ø congeal Ø coward Ø recover Ø counter y check 50. clamor negligence @ meeting place @ peregrination Ø disgust 42. chapel draw back profundity formidable @ compensation y noise y church 51. clandestine Ø nimble y secret ª departure explicable taking possession of difficult fatal faithful 52. clemency r strange expedient y mercy elaboration extraction 61. combustible zealous ludicrous kfalse y inflammable counterfeit 53. clinch atone for y conclude klessen sequester 62. commandeer r scan Ðrelegate y seize startle Ð cultivate penetrate 54. clique y group perplexity °definite open percussion 63. commendation r assault suitable y compliment sell analysis adaptation 55. coagulate ø still in existence r inveigh celestial y unite 64. compassionate ° comprehensive obviate ° liable to r pert y sympathetic kwhim 56. coalesce r glorify y coagulate manipulate r induce kcoax 65. compel y force xconsort 57. coercion extirpate y compulsion turbulence klearn imagine conclude indolence kstatic 66. competent ° not domestic r ensured r jealous 58. cohesive y lie kfluent abundant y qualified y sticky impromptu 67. compliance ° astonishment r law y obedience 59. collision y crash xbuild doctrine fine thread complicity údolt xenclave 68. comprehensive productive ksullen 60. colloquial aromatic incendiary y conversational y inclusive ksubtle changeable err 69. compress y contract H fight H impugn H pillage bewilder 78. confidant H firm X friend Hlose misgiving perusal 70. compulsive ambulatory y obsessive relentless 79. confiscate H reduce H seamy corrugated y seize H fussy H abase Ðbarter 71. conceal y hide Å misconstrue Hslack 80. congenial forensic amob y favorable empirical Hpromise Hallege congruent 72. conciliatory H limited collateral notorious independent y pacifying 81.conjecture frustrate Hfret H beat µscud aguess 73. concise H ornate hesitant 82. connive ` inexperienced H ruddy H weak y brief H levity 74. concord H vista y harmony H stifle H dirge befuddle perversion y implication H niche small fleet H greed 75. condense y shorten H scamper 83. connotation H talent alternate y conspire 84. consensus H devote relevant H enact H deceit H waste 76. condone H sage y agreement sacrilege 85. console y overlook H suffuse H spot H null H whip H melee y comfort 77. confer calumniate contradict H slander 86. conspicuous H condole y consult petrify H invent H appall relevant rold y obvious H thrift emeritus H resolve H seine 87. contend ˜ smear ˜ daunt encourage retentive H pious prejudiced stimulate y struggle 96. contiguous aadjacent pertinent 88. converge y combine castigate ˜ vacate ˜ scold 97. constraint H prowess ˜ ignite H mogul scapegoat ( restraint correlation 89. convoke y gather emerge abeg extenuate 98. construe y interpret beseech H motion underscore H suspend H cheat 90. coronary animated ˜ stark y of heart ˜ common 99. contentious H prosaic temporary bizarre emphatic y quarrelsome H mobile 91. corroborate merrymaking y confirm exterminate expedite 100. contemporary H dirty 92. corrosion ˜ genesis nobility fruition ˜ gimmick y erosion 93. contract ˜ claim Ð awaken ˜gambol ˜explode ashrink 94. contour ˜ pint u archipelago *kindliness y sketch Hnonplus 95. bewilder y puzzle 0 stare ameliorate foolishly H twisted y coexisting emigrate H vulgar H eerie ...
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