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08 audition

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Unformatted text preview: Next sense…Hearing Next sense…Hearing Sound Sound Movement of air molecules from a source of vibration Frequency­ (pitch) the rate at which waves vibrate measured as cycles/sec (Hz) Amplitude (loudness)­ the intensity of sound, measured in dB Complexity (timbre)­ mixture of frequencies, can be simple or complex, difference in sound btw a violin and trumpet Outer Ear­ The pinna Outer Ear­ The pinna Sound arrives outer ear Catches sound waves Outer ear funnels in sound to eardrum Eardrum Eardrum Vibrates when sound waves hit Miniature drum Tympanic Membrane Middle Ear Middle Ear Vibrating eardrum causes the 3 ossicles to vibrate Hammer, anvil, & stirrup Amplify and convey vibrations to oval window Ossicles Ossicles In Latin “malleus, i...
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