Chapter 7 Review - 1 New Coke in 1985 a Coke had been...

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1. New Coke in 1985 a. Coke had been losing market share to Pepsi b. Confused the objective taste tests with cultural reality c. Brands are about meaning i. Meaning make brands out of products d. Research has been regarded as more and more expendable by the bean counters i. Research is considered a luxury e. Relying on research alone can lead to marketing disaster f. Never, ever, ever confuse a product with a brand. Coke possessed cultural meaning way beyond simple taste. 2. Volkswagon Ad a. Never think that just throwing research, no matter how scientific it is , at a problem does anything good. b. Ad luminaries such as Bill Bernbach(created Volkswagon ad’s in the 1960’s) thought research was worse than a waste. c. Mr. Bernbach believed: i. One needs solid research to form the basis for developing effective advertising ii. Research never comes up with a creative idea, it is what one does with the research insights that really matters and research alone should not dictate which ad to use. d. Advertising agencies have been cutting back on research, considered a luxury e. Real World Bottom Line (According to OG) i. Research in general is threatened at ad agencies, more and more is being farmed out to external suppliers, and it is being seen as irrelevant ii. The trend is clearly toward qualitative methods(on scene, in home) f. Advertising and brand promotion is any research that helps in the development, execution, or evaluation of advertising and promotion. g. Research departments adopted in the 1950’s for 3 reasons:
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i. The popularity of, naivete toward, and overconfidence in “science” during this time legitimized anything called science or research, particularly psychological methods ii. Other agencies had research departments iii. There was a real need to better understand how ads worked h. Open distrust for advertising agencies in the 1980’s i. Two things seen as replacements 1. The account planning system, in which research is a more integral part of planning advertising and promotion strategy and execution 2. Much greater research outsourcing, that is going outside the agency for specific advertising research when and only when the need arises. 3. Dimensions on which to evaluate research a. Words to judge research by: i. Reliability 1. Means that the method generates generally consistent findings over time ii. Validity 1. Means that the information generated is relevant to the research questions being investigated. In other words, the research investigates what it seeks to investigate iii. Meaningfulness 1. Is the most difficult of all these terms. Just what does a piece of research really mean? Meaningfulness is determined by asking what the methods and measures really have to do with determining a good ad. This simple question is not asked enough iv. *good advertising and promotions research can actually help make better advertising and promotions. 4.
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Chapter 7 Review - 1 New Coke in 1985 a Coke had been...

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