Chapter 9 - Chapter 9 1 International Advertising is...

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Chapter 9 1. International Advertising is advertising that reaches across national and cultural boundaries a. International advertisers must pay greater attention to local cultures b. Culture is a set of values rituals, and behaviors that define a way of life c. Advertising is a cultural product d. Effective commuication depends on shared meaning 2. Overcoming Cultural Barriers a. Advertisers must come to terms with how they are going to effectively overcome cultural barriers in trying to communicate with consumers around the world b. Barriers to successful advertising i. Comfort zone-one’s own cultural values, experiences, and knowledge can serve as a subconscious guide for decision making and behavior ii. Managers must overcome 2 related biases to be successful 1. Ethnocentrism- tendency to view and value things from the perspective of one’s own culture 2. A self reference criterion is the unconscious reference to one’s own cultural values, experiences and knowledge as a basis for decisions. iii. These 2 biases can blind advertisers to their own cultures fingerprints 3. Cross Cultural Audience Research a. Resources that provide broad based information to advertisers about international market i. Us department of commerce has an International Trade Administration b. Economic Conditions i. One way to think about international economy is to break world into 3 categories 1. Less developed countries a. Represents 75% of the worlds population. Plagued by drought and civil war
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b. Products sold are not consumer products but business products for infrastructure 2. Industrialized countries a. Have economies defined by change b. Places were traditional ways of life have endured for centuries. Like trying to hit a moving target for advertisers
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Chapter 9 - Chapter 9 1 International Advertising is...

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