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Entities and Attributes for Fleet Truck Maintenance This document was created by Smith Systems Consulting at the request of Huffman Trucking Maintenance Department. The descriptions provided are based on interviews with maintenance personnel who use the Fleet Truck Maintenance database. The creator of the database was not available. PARTS INVENTORY Purchases This table represents truck maintenance parts that have been purchased. Transaction ID Purchase Date Purchase Price Quantity PARTS INVENTORY ISSUES This table represents parts that have been taken out of inventory. Transaction ID Issue Date Purchase Price Quantity PARTS CATALOGUE The data in this catalogue are all parts used in the truck maintenance operation of Huffman Trucking. ID Description Type Manufacturer Quantity On Hand Reorder Point Reorder Quantity VENDORS These are the approved vendors which can be used to supply parts to the Huffman Truck Maintenance operation.
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Vendor ID Name Order address Street City State Zip Order Contact
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Huffman++Truck+Maintenance (1) - Entities and Attributes...

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