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Extra Credit Assignment - 1 Caffrey Francis Dr Felis M/W/F...

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1 Caffrey Francis December 12, 2010 Dr. Felis M/W/F: 11:00-11:50 Human nature Human nature is a concept that there is a set of inherent characteristic, which include ways of thinking, feeling, and action, which all humans tend to have. Although classical philosophers have agreed that a human life is in accordance with nature, which is all that they agree upon. The conception of human nature that I find most convincing is Darwin’s biological view because his view on human nature is based on evolution. Darwin was the first person to introduce the concept of evolution. Evolution is a process that results in heritable changes in a population that happens over many generations. Darwin believed that there is no human nature, and human beings evolved from the ape and not from God. Darwin explains how humans and animals have commonalities in their mental powers. It is useful for us to think of our interactions with animals to see some common features. A person can observe an animal feeling and their reason in many ways such as: they pay attention, they have memory, and they appear to have imagination
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2 because dogs seem to dream when they sleep by moving their body. Animals solve problems and there is some sense in which you cannot solve a problem without conceiving a solution which is an act of imagination. According to Darwin, men develop of physical and intellectual traits over time helped them become the greatest predator on the food chain. Aristotle and Darwin have to different views on human nature. Aristotle’s view is that all men have a purpose in life
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Extra Credit Assignment - 1 Caffrey Francis Dr Felis M/W/F...

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