FOR PAPER - FOR PAPER*what is a virtue*something that leads...

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Unformatted text preview: FOR PAPER: *what is a virtue? *something that leads to the highest good-(did) *an end in itself, but also a mean to the ultimate end (the highest good) *virtues collectively define happiness *virtues are about behavior/action, but also characteristics that people have- (did) *virtues are chosen-not something we have by nature, we need to develop it (did) *a virtue of character is a developed quality-one we are responsible for developing *this is just as true of vice *what differs between virtue and vice? Vice is a deviation from the mean *virtue-consistently choosing the mean in matters of feeling(impulse) and action *choosing the mean as an end in itself means choosing it for its own sake *when we choose the mean, we must do so knowingly and for its own sake in order to be virtuous *virtue is not a habit, but it comes about as a result of habituation *distinction between a habit and active condition *you develop a virtue through habituation, but it is not just done out of habit-it is an active choice...
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