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List of Aristotle - *if you care too much you do things for...

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List of Aristotle's Virtues 1) courage *vices: cowardice, rashness 2) temperance *vices: dissipated (overindulged), ascetic 3) generosity *vices: greedy, stingy, miserly, wasteful magnificence-corollary of generosity-giving to the public good/public works *vices: chintzy/vulgar magnanimity-greatness of the soul-having an appropriate sense of one's own worth *vices: egotistical, arrogant, self-deprecation, humility *a virtue that depends on developing the other virtues *one's self worth has to spring from actually being worthy *humility is a vice! Attitude about honor- *appropriate attitude/concern with reputation
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Unformatted text preview: *if you care too much, you do things for the wrong reasons *if you care too little, this is bad because we're social animals gentleness-proper anger *there are times you should get angry, but you shouldn't get excessively angry *vices-irritability, meekness 8) sociability-concerned with how you relate to people in general-agreeableness *vices-obseqiousness (always wanting to please people), contrary 9) truthfulness *vices: braggary, ironic 10) adroitness-charm, specifically social adroitness *vices: buffoon, bore friendship justice...
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