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Unformatted text preview: 9-3-10 Christian Conception of: *free will/ choice freedom=1 choice: obedience to God *if you don’t choose this, you’re a slave to your body *human nature *2 parts: soul and body *soul is rational, exercises control over body Luther: *connection between faith and works *works don’t do anything or matter, but if you have faith, you do the works *why do the works? They are a means to an end: self-discipline, spirituality *freedom-ability to make the choice to believe in God *choosing to believe sets you free *not choosing to believe-not free *how are you not free? *you are a slave to your body, impulses (particularly sexual impulses) *what’s wrong with that? Your soul is what is connected to God, not your body Sexual control*it has to do with controlling female reproduction, and knowing the paternity ...
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