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Unformatted text preview: 9-8-10 * Locke* purpose of the state-prevent chaos, anarchy, destruction * should not include religion-separation of church and state Why separate church and state? Principled Reasons: * t rue belief does not come from being forced to believe in something * the state can punish people for not believing in something-while this may change outward behavior, it would make you a hypocrite if you don’t actually believe it * the state is not in charge of people’s souls according to the Bible-religious argument * if the state could actually change people’s beliefs, then logically, one country would be r ight, and all the others would be wrong-this means that, for example, if you’re French, you’re going t o hell-where one is born determines their salvation-absurd, according to Locke * no one is technically “born” into a religion, but we tend to follow the religion in which we were born Practical Reasons: *when the state is not involved in religious matters, less chaos within and without the state Mi ll*arguments are necessary *f reedom of speech, press is necessary for purposes of reason-i t is necessary to hear multiple views *opinions are valuable to everyone, not just one person-how we reach t ruth * the only way we can reach t ruth is to consider all the alternatives, and find the best argument-why we need free speech ...
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