2nd paper redo

2nd paper redo - Caffrey Francis Dr Mcquillan T/TH...

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Caffrey Francis October 14, 2010 Dr. Mcquillan T/TH- 4:30-5:45 In The Odyssey , Homer portrays Odysseus as a character with extraordinary dedication towards his homeland, and this gives him the strength to carry on his journey home. Although in Sophocles I , Oedipus is also portrayed as a character with exceptional dedication towards his Country, his dedication comes to haunt him when he finds out he committed the crime. Odysseus and Oedipus self-hood’s (get rid of this word) are similar because they both are very dedicated to their country in which they ruled. Odysseus is so dedicated to getting back to his homeland, Ithaca that he continuously risks his life. Odysseus is a man who knows himself well. He knows he was born to rule his country for his people, and he never loses sight of this. As he spends years trapped on Kalypso’s Island, he fantasize about the day he will be with his family and rule his country again. The day finally comes, when goddess Kalypso sets Odysseus free to go back to his homeland. Although he knows his journey home will mean risking his life, he knows his dedication towards his homeland will carry him through. Odysseus trust ? in his decision to risk his life, gives him
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2nd paper redo - Caffrey Francis Dr Mcquillan T/TH...

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