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What do you think are some very real issuess, positive and negative, about the manipulation of the human genome in the near future? What do you see are some great benefits? Some possible dangers? 2-4 paragraphs due Sunday midnight. In 2003, the Human Genome Project completed the full human genetic code. With this kind of information already decoded, scientists will soon be able to know what percent of diseases the embryo may be inclined to have in his or her future. Then the parents of the embryo will be able to decide whether or not to let a doctor prevent these diseases or let their embryo go untouched. The manipulation of the human genome in the near future will not only improve the quality of our life but will also bring up many ethnical questions. The main reason to manipulate human genomes is to prevent future illnesses of an embryo before it is born. To do this, the defective gene has to be replaced throughout the entire body, but doctors can only do this if the defective gene is detected in the embryo’s early stages. Although many people are
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