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re-do of 2nd paper

re-do of 2nd paper - attributes that an individual pairs...

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1 Caffrey Francis November 3, 2010 Dr. Mcquillan T/TH- 4:30-5:45 Write about comparing self-knowledge in the Odyssey and Oedipus the King What about the process through which Oedipus comes to recognize himself for what he is Self-knowledge means a person’s mental states, including one’s beliefs, and desires. Self-knowledge informs an individual of their metal representations of themselves this contains
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Unformatted text preview: attributes that an individual pairs with themselves. In The Odyssey , Homer describes the many turbulent times Odysseus went through in getting back to his home land as a journey for him in gaining self knowledge. In Sophocles 1 , Oedipus thought he knew himself until he discovered he was the one hindering his own country which he ruled....
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