9-15--- - 9-15-10• Representationo Reflective of...

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Unformatted text preview: 9-15-10• Representationo Reflective of constituents• Proportional representation determined by elections in districts determined by population• Many small districts• Short terms of office so representatives are responsible to changes in public opinion • How big can congress be before deliberation takes a backseat?o Enlightened representation • Reflected in the Federalist Papers• Limited federal powers and strong state powerso Cannot combine reflective and enlightened representation at the national level• Federal level becomes enlightened • State level becomes reflective o Idea being that the states have more power than the federal government o State representatives are more visible in their community while at the federal level the representative are career politicians o Jury selection remains the only form of democratic selection of representationo Elections were considered aristocratic because they selected the best person to represent others9-17-10Institutions:- Institutions cannot have a body that completely represent the country or districtArticle 1; section 1 of Constitution:- Rome had a senate – embodied Roman upper class (bi-commercial, had a senate and house of representatives1. The word senate shares root with the word senile (senate is meant to be older and more mature)A. Represent the statesB. smaller C. “older”- Hereditary aristocracy, the young people in those days were more mature, knowledge came with age…...
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9-15--- - 9-15-10• Representationo Reflective of...

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