10-7-10-14---what is a Political Party

10-7-10-14---what is a Political Party - 10-7-10 o Depend...

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10-7-10 o Depend upon a positive affirmation The challenges with federalism • A federal government is a union of sovereign states o Typically operates through the instrumentality of the states o No direct relationship between federal government and the citizens • A national government has a direct relationship between national government and the people o FDA o EPA/Clean Air Act emission standards o Welfare o Most programs are paid by the federal government and are administered by the states o Interstate construction and maintenance is 90% federal spending and 10% state spending o Federal government can attach regulations to money appropriated to the states • Much of the governing was supposed to be done at the state level o Congress has the power to regulate trade among the states o Interstate Commerce Act o What about enforcing pollution standards with industries that do not participate in interstate commerce o National problems might fall under the realm of the federal government o Federal government has the resources to solve society’s major problems • Civil War (13th→15th amendments) o State citizenship a function of national citizenship o Constitutional restrictions on states: equal protection of laws • 16th amendment o Authorized the federal government to tax income o Extensive source of revenue • New Deal/WWII o National economic crisis to which the states were not considered equal o Federal public works programs and entitlements o Federal government became a major player in the lives of the elderly and the poor
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10-7-10-14---what is a Political Party - 10-7-10 o Depend...

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