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Unformatted text preview: 11-11-10 Essay Exam Question Institutional powers of the president: Veto Commander in chief – deploys troops (purse strings) Head of state Chief diplomat – controls treaties ‘State of the Union’ Chief executive officer / head of administration – rule making authority What can Republicans do? The senators can make speeches but anything the president gives a speech on will get more coverage Both sides can attempt to argue their cases in public, but only one side will have the advantage. Mostly affects foreign policy because the president has the say over diplomatic issues. Budgets: expenditure and revenue What is expenditure What is revenue 1. Appropriations How much tax is collected What do we take in and how much do we spend? Almost always ends up being a deficit 1. Congressional budget office 2. Office of management and budget (the president’s budget) if the president submits his budget on Feb. 2011 The fiscal year of 2012 is from Oct. 1 – Sept 30 Congress did not finish the budget in time, they give themselves an extension, the extension is called Omnibus Continuing Resolution Everything is a creature of congress except the president and vice president. Who runs the executive branch? 1. Congress 2. The president 11-16-10 Why is the president powerful? He is the head of state and the head of government – he goes to funerals What is a lame-duck? 1. someone who is about to get out of office. When do committees play into legislation? Oversight Authorization Appropriation When there is an issue, committees hold meetings, then address the issue then they make it public. What is the policy community? Experts and lobbyists that deal with major issues Interest group members. ...
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