Intro to politics - Gettysburg Address and Declaration of...

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Gettysburg Address and Declaration of Independence: Declaration of Independence: 8-31-10 - 1776; a new nation was founded with the Declaration of Independence - 13 ‘united’ states – separated themselves from the nation but stayed united at 13 separate states. - Are they opting for one government to have power or for each state to have its own government? - They are self evident and non debatable - All men are created equal – everyone is ‘entitled’ to the same rights, not so much equal freedoms. 1. Political equality (life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness) - July 4, 1826; John Adams and Thomas Jefferson both died. They were political nemesis’ until retirement and then they corresponded back and forth with each other until death - The United States is a theistic country but theism is muted due to the constitution 1. Our rights are ‘given’ by god, not by our government - 1858; Lincoln and Fredrick Douglas (Governor of IL) had opposing opinions on slavery. 1. Douglas wanted each state to choose on its own 2. Lincoln thought it was unjust that we could choose, like we choose for liquor laws because slaves are people - Declaration used religious language – Jefferson was not a major believer but he did not want to alienate the religious people. He did not publicize his views - What is an unalienable right? 1. A right that everyone has, even people who are not free - Jefferson knew slavery was unjust (he did have slaves) because the Declaration states that slavery is wrong
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Intro to politics - Gettysburg Address and Declaration of...

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