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Name k EY Quiz \K Date Summer B 2007 1.) Circle TRUE or FALSE FALSE OeO FALSE Every integer is a rational number. FALSE V9ew 2.) Write the phrase as an algebraic expression. a.) Six more than twice a number. SU +6 or £ + 3* b.) Five subtracted from three times a number. 3x -5" 3.)Fill in the blanks a.) a+b=b+a is the CO^^^A^-\V&-
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Unformatted text preview: _ property of addition. i b.) .5 is the multiplicative inverse of 5. c.) x+(y+z] =_ )i~Zr Associative property of addition. 4.)Insert <, > or = between each pair to form a true statement. 3 7 a-) < -b.)-15 > -16-If ~...
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