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quiz4 - Name 5 E Quizilh Date Summer E EM Show all work...

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Unformatted text preview: Name 5 E! Quizilh Date Summer E EM? Show all work! IJSuIVe for the given variable: a.) P=2LW+2LH+ZW for H P —3Lw: aLH-f-BWH : {31. +351le [9+ Sew I b.) E=-[r+R}P for r _,. 3 or M. £=(~Lr+-LR~)F -* r-HQ-JF 35-: (Vital: 3F 3? RE'( 3§:Fr+flq~ E=3r+;& Effirfli 354W“ E'jsflflzaf'r r 3&1”. E - F ION 3-?— ‘R F!" F ___E—-—- :r F I” I.- 3 ZJSelve the word problems: a.) One number is five times a first number. A third number is lflfl more tbsnthe first number. Ifthe sum of the three numbers is 415, find the numbers. Effigy; X+5x +rad-t-Xr‘l‘i5 train-3;}: 93:35 iflfi 3n.) HUM-”‘1'” Y”: %§_:g§ 41—- 2.?! n 5= 2;: £— 3 H5 2.3.5“ M5“ ”5" (I? 3% / H:— " r) if$+mo== ‘f 5:: .e' —— 1 J 3 b.) Thesum of three consecutive odd integers is 39. Fhldmeflsreenumbers. K -£§ea?¢5 a: +Lx+e)+éxrq):3‘1 Xvi-'2. Jules“ 3%1‘623‘} Y4"! 3:1,,le 3x=33 |l f3} (5 an: fie dentist's. / ...
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