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Chapter 16 - g 3 major types of innovations i Continuous...

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1) Chapter 16-Global Consumer Culture a) Cultural production system i) The set of individuals that create and market a cultural product (1) 3 major subsystems (a) Creative subsystem (i) Generate new symbols and products (b) Managerial subsystem (i) Select, make tangible, produce, and distribute new symbols (c) Communications subsystem (i) Give meaning to new symbols b) Cultural Gatekeepers i) Filter the overflow of information as it travels through the production system (1) Reviewers of movies, restaurants, cars, etc (2) DJs, interior designers c) Product Placement i) The act of subtly putting product advertisements into popular culture (1) Oreos on friends, GE on 30 rock, etc d) Branded entertainment i) Entertainment that showcases brands in more than just advertising (1) ESPN presented by ACE hardware etc e) Advergaming i) Online games merge with advertising campaigns f) Diffusion of innovations i) A new product, service or idea spreads through a population
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Unformatted text preview: g) 3 major types of innovations i) Continuous innovation (1) Modification of an existing product ii) Dynamically continuous innovation (1) Major change to a current product iii) Discontinuous innovation (1) Introductions that GREATLY change the way we live (a) Cars (b) Computers h) Five types of adopters i) Innovators(smallest) ii) Early Adopters(Medium) iii) Early Majority(Highest) iv) Late majority(Highest) v) Laggards(Medium) i) Fashion system i) All people and organizations that create symbolic meaning and transfer it to cultural goods j) Classics and Fads i) Classics (1) Fashion looks that have a very long acceptance cycle ii) Fads (1) Fashion looks that have a very short acceptance cycle iii) Globalized consumption ethic (1) A collective notion that favors products that seem luxurious or to make life easier and more pleasurable iv)...
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Chapter 16 - g 3 major types of innovations i Continuous...

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