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Bradford2 - (iii Economic Model 1 “Common Course and...

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1) Bradford (Cont’d) a) Purposes i) Document Historical significance ii) Discuss Importance of Piety iii) Draw comparisons to the pilgrims struggle iv) Examine the theocracy b) Puritans search for illuminated existence, presence of god i) Visible sanctity etc.. c) Puritans arrive in New World, wrong place i) Instead of attempting to correct it, the chartered themselves, viewed it as a divine  mistake (1) Chartered Mayflower Compact, led by visible saints (a) Bradford’s Take (i) Combine ourselves into a “Political Body” (Religious Group) (ii) Pledge themselves to submit and obey the authority of the theocracy (In  the hands of Visible Saints” 1. CONFORMITY is a key tenant of the Puritan Lifestyke
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Unformatted text preview: (iii) Economic Model 1. “Common Course and Condition” pg 12, 16 a. Communal Existence, no private property i. Precursor to Communism 2. Ended up having to institute the original Free enterprise, leaving the communal lifestyle to politics only a. Bradford interprets this change as a ?divine suggestion? i. Humans aren’t good enough to make the communal model work, so god grants them free enterprise (iv) Essentially, Puritans realized that it would be impossible to create gods kingdom on earth, and that they ought to do their best 1. God has told them they need a radical separation from the failed church of England (b)...
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Bradford2 - (iii Economic Model 1 “Common Course and...

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