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Enlightenment - b Freedom i Freedom is not liberation from...

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1) Enlightenment a) Sovereignty and visible sanctity i) Political concept (1) A means of achieving superiority (a) Depravity is now extended to these religious concepts ii) Enlightenment realizes that human nature is a conglomeration of many things, and  the definition of it is NOT religious (1) Enlightenment thinkers determined the definition to be the makeup of the person (a) A certain religious facet (i) People are born into a sense of morality, given by god
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Unformatted text preview: b) Freedom i) Freedom is not liberation from anything but the sinful self c) Covenental theocracy i) Politics based on the principle of conformity (1) Puritans d) Social Contract i) Arrangement that nurtures the best aspects of humans best interests, where those in authority serve those that have granted them their authority (1) Representative democracy (a) Enlightenment e)...
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