Lecture 10 - (c Mechanically skilled(i Handy with tools...

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1) Lecture 10 a) Benjamin Franklin Autobiography i) Critique of puritan theology (1) Puritan use of the biblr is in a hierarchal way (2) Franklin interpreted it in the manner of quakers (a) Divine inspiration (3) God isn’t found through visible sanctity (a) Human beings aren’t entirely composed of their sin (human depravity) (b) Optimism of human nature (4) Writes autobio in intercalary format (a) Main text with sporadic vignettes  ii) Emphasis on Public relations, not private affairs (1) Highlights franklins belief that interpersonal relationships iare more important  than personal life iii) Description of Josiah Franklin (father) (1) 79-80 in Eanthology (a) Franklin’s father was a CALVINIST? (i) Franklin obviously rejects this, but respects father (b) Father was gifted in music, and was a mathematician (i) Emphasis on beauty and form is derived from the musical ability
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Unformatted text preview: (c) Mechanically skilled (i) Handy with tools, obvious transition down to franklin (d) Morally and intellectually trained Franklin in his upbringing (i) Not monetarily wealthy, but rich in wisdoms for his children iv) Addressing the Ego (1) The best way to successfully collectively deliberate is to not take the self too seriously (a) Again, a step away from the puritan theologoy (b) Twain did not see this v) Scheme for virtue (1) 12 steps to adapting to new behavior in public obligation (a) Shows these to a quaker (b) Quaker reprimands him on his pride (i) Franklin adapts to a more ideologically open way of thinking 1. States that he has never made a dogmatic claim a. Obvious contradiction in statemtn...
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Lecture 10 - (c Mechanically skilled(i Handy with tools...

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