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Study Guide—Compiled From Group Work on 11/1/10 Stephen Crane—“The Blue Hotel” Realism: Read through the concept of lenses Lenses are different ways of perceiving oneself. All lenses have blind spots. Becoming conscious of certain blind spots allows one to shift them. Swede’s lens- America is competitive and violent; only the strong survive (critique of capitalism?) American’s lenses: America as the height of civilization, apparent hospitality toward strangers (“epic” lens) The Easterner is the only one to acknowledge the blind spots in the American lens, and the Swede’s perceived incorrectness is refigured. William Dean Howells—“Editha” Editha and Gearson represent self as the role you choose—Editha’s character emphasizes “performative” aspect of self. Editha also emphasizes the influence of a nation’s geopolitics (that is, world view) on conceptions of self. Here we see self-identity merged with national identity. Her concern with virtue and “performing” the romantic ideal (concerned with the image of self-sacrifice for the greater good, appearance of virtue + American conceptions of exceptionalism, love of freedom) How this translates into the historical context of the Spanish-American War, a
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test 2 study guide - Study GuideCompiled From Group Work on...

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