exam review - Sumner(norms-distinction between folkways and...

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2/3 Tonry Cavadino and Dignan 1/3 Lecture reading 50/50 No garland Benefits of sociological perspective Definitions given Structural functionalism Multiple definitions of deterrence Amnesty International readings posted Globalization Social Conflict paradigm Structural functionalist paradigm Chart on page 15 of Cav and dig Social dysfunction-things that are negative for society Latent functions-unintended functions of a social structure, not necessarily expected Black Market Bentham-For punishments to be effective, they need to be swift, severe, and certain Beccaria-
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Unformatted text preview: Sumner (norms)-distinction between folkways and mores Folkways-norms that regulate day to day behavior Mores-Martin Latent and manifest functions Absolute deterrence-the amount of deterrence that occurs just by having a criminal justice system Marginal deterrence-Idea that if you have proportionality in punishment and severity Amount of deterrence created by installment of punishment(effectiveness of increasing severity) Specific & general deterrence Specific is to deter a specific crime General is to deter criminality as a whole Cavadino and dignan section on globalization...
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exam review - Sumner(norms-distinction between folkways and...

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