professor research - penalty iii People who score higher on...

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1) Contextual Influences on support for death penalty a) Baumer, messner, and rosenfeld (2003) i) Community level Homicide rate, Political conservatism, % black are positively related  to support for the death penalty b) To date very little research has been done on i) The relationship between religiosity and support for the death penalty ii) Countries with high levels of moralistic (strict distinctions between good and evil)  belief have high homicidal rates c) Research questions i) How do personal religiosity and religious beliefs influence death penalty decisions (1) Standards (a) Church attendance (b) Importance of god (c) Prayer/meditation (d) Belief about god ii) People who attend church more regularly are more likely to support the death 
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Unformatted text preview: penalty iii) People who score higher on their religiosity rating are more likely to support it iv) Church attendance drops, importance of church attendance drops v) Catholics are significantly less likely to support the death penalty (1) Country level (a) Church attendance, religious belief, homicide rate all contribute to death penalty support at the country level (2) Personal level (a) Belief in a personal god causes support on a personal level (b) Prayer, importance of god in ones life, and church attendance on a personal level cause less support...
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professor research - penalty iii People who score higher on...

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