Exam 1 short answer topics

Exam 1 short answer topics - Exam 1 short answer topics 1)...

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Exam 1 short answer topics 1) Black codes a) Laws enacted in the post slavery south designed to “bring back slavery in all but name”. These laws limited the rights able to be enjoyed by the freedmen, including education, voting, and many more rights that were supposed to be equal to white people. 2) New South a) A reform program enacted by the national government as a part of the reconstruction movement, designed to repair the economy of the south, and create jobs in the industrial field. The effort was meant to move the south away from an entirely agrarian economy to one with more diversity in an evolving national economy, although it was mostly unsuccessful, resulting in poverty for many small families, and a failed social equality movement for Freedmen. 3) Vertical Combination a) This refers to the business practice of combining all the facets of your production into your business model. It eliminates the middle men, and gives the producer control of his product from start to finish 4) Plessy Vs. Ferguson a) The Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the states’ right to enforce the doctrine of “separate but equal” in race relations. The decision related to separate railroad cars for blacks and whites in Louisiana, and undermined the inequality blacks in the south faced. 5) Sioux Rebellion a) The Sioux Rebellion was ignited by the US national government’s breach of Indian Reservation law in the name of digging for gold. The invasion of sacred land by US
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Exam 1 short answer topics - Exam 1 short answer topics 1)...

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