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Axis Powers- [done] Japan, Italy, Germany 1936 o (in case we need a more thorough answer) After breaking the Versailles treaty by rearming Germany’s army and sending troops into Rhineland, Hitler and Mussolini formed a fascist Rome-Berlin Axis in 1936. Later that year, Germany signed an Anti-Comintern Pact with Japan to oppose a Soviet-backed communist ideology organization. o Imperial Japan, Fascist Italy & Germany GI Bill- o 1944, Congress created benefits for military veterans. These benefits included: education, job training, medical care, pensions, and mortgage loans. This expanded and access to higher education and was an influential program. o How: provided incentives for businesses to hire veterans; provided more job opportunities, supplemental college loans so that veterans could continue their education, low interest
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Unformatted text preview: mortgages to make it easier for service men to purchase homes (enables unprecedented amounts of young couples to purchase homes). o Impact- millions of young men could resume their education and without this need, probably could not do so; started to make going to college a normal thing; not just reserved for the elite any longer. helped the economy. the housing market had higher demand and so did raw materials. o Why- made in response to the foreseen danger of what will happen when war veterans return home from the war. Do they resume their normal jobs and take away the jobs given to those during the war? If they looked for a job, what kind of jobs could a war veteran be fit to do? Are they able to come back to the same home they left or is there no longer a home?...
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