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Unformatted text preview: John D. Robinson History 315L Seaholm The Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace In his book, The Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace , Robert Divine discusses the never ending cycle of conflict America finds itself in, as it both searches for peace, and asserts itself as a “noble” nation and a defender of its’ own ideals worldwide. He points out America’s tendency to view its’ own society as the standard, and to feel threatened by any challenging idea that might present itself. He also discusses our habit of drawing a “line in the sand”, but waiting for the opposition to act on it, so we can effectively paint them as the aggressor, and rally our people in a “crusade” against the “bad guys” of the conflict. Once we are involved in a war, instead of fighting for interests that are universal, we fight to “preserve democracy”, and make the world safe for it. Professor Divine points out that while other nations often criticize us for our selfish interests in wars, we tend to rationalize them as being for the highest moral...
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