poopoo2 - b Started in 1924 redone in 1972 c Great support...

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1) Rise of evangelical Christianity a) 1970’s b) Televangelists c) Jimmy Carter d) Bible is TRUE 2) Me Decade a) 1970’s b) Nothing deeper than surface value was going on, people became self obsessed 3) California V Bakke a) 1973 b) Bakke Was rejected, appealed admissions c) Factors in admission policies came into question 4) Brown V Board a) 1954 b) Topeka, Kansas school segregation c) Plessy V Ferguson overturned, segregation illegal 5) Rise of The Sunbelt a) Rust belt declined post war, the southern economy flourished, jobs became plentiful b) Republican party is strengthened 6) Equal Rights amendment a) Main goal of the womens rights movement
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Unformatted text preview: b) Started in 1924, redone in 1972 c) Great support, success in 34 states d) Shut down by Phyllis Schlafly, wanted to maintain traditional household 7) White house conference on families a) Called by Jimmy carter 1976 b) Wanted to shore up support for traditional family 8) New Right a) Started in 60s with Barry Goldwater, up to Reagan b) Aggressive foreign policy, opposed same sex marriage c) Small government 9) Reagan Revolution a) Balance the budget, shrink government, reduce the deficit b) Cut rich taxes, trickle down effect, failed, deficit increased greatly 10)...
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poopoo2 - b Started in 1924 redone in 1972 c Great support...

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